25 strategies for community college innovators

Community college leaders consistently rank student success as the most important item on their long list of priorities. And yet, despite overwhelming commitment and millions of dollars invested in reform, three-year and six-year completion rates have plateaued.

Enter Guided Pathways—the student success initiative aimed to help students choose the right path and stay on track to completion.

As the model continuously gains traction, leaders are still working out the best way to implement such an ambitious initiative across budget-constrained campuses.  

Bringing Guided Pathways to Life provides a road map for discussion to help your team get answers to these top-of-mind questions:

  • What are Guided Pathways, anyway?
  • How should we prepare our staff?
  • How should we redesign our curriculum?
  • What opportunities exist to optimize the student experience?

Download the whitepaper for 25 strategies to blend academic experiences with supportive resources to advance student success on your campus.

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"Bringing Guided Pathways to Life"

Bringing Guided Pathways to Life