4 strategies to reduce the unproductive credit rate for students

If you're reading this, there may be a student currently sitting in—and paying for—a class they may never receive credit for taking. 

In fact, EAB research has determined that the rate of students earning a D grade, failing, or withdrawing (DFW rate) at a typical institution is between 15-30%.

Why does this matter?

Because identifying the DFW rates at both an institutional and department level can help decision makers understand how many credits are being lost, how many students are negatively impacted, and how much increased institutional capacity actually costs.

In this two-page resource, our experts will help you:

  • Understand the primary risks associated with students dropping, withdrawing, or failing from a course
  • Review the six most commonly identified courses that see habitually low course completion rates
  • Identify four actionable strategies you can implement to address low course completion at your institution


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"Completion rates and student success"

The cost of low course completion rates on student success