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Low-income students now constitute a majority in the nation’s public schools. This means that, whether you've historically gone out of your way to serve them or not, they're going to be increasingly important for you to understand. And that includes knowing how best to engage them during recruitment.

Important lessons on this score emerged from a survey of more than 3,000 high school students undertaken by Royall & Company. The results are available in our white paper Access and Higher Education: The Case of High-Ability Low-Income Students.

In addition to tabulating high-ability low-income (HALI) students' responses to a wide range of questions, the white paper compares them with their middle- and high-income peers, highlighting important differences. Issues addressed include:

  • Who has the most influence over a HALI student’s college choice
  • When HALI students begin their college search and what information they look for first
  • Which application channels HALI students prefer

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"Access and Higher Education"

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