Strategies for enrollment managers to support families through changes in financial aid 

As soon as the new FAFSA was announced, Royall’s researchers began surveying college-bound high school students, their parents and their counselors to get a better sense of how this sweeping alteration to enrollment and financial aid processes would affect their behaviors.

The findings shed light on a few key patterns that suggest how enrollment leaders might adjust their admission timelines, recalibrate their outreach and take advantage of additional opportunities to educate and engage prospective families.

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  • What level of awareness students and parents have of the new FAFSA
  • How prior-prior year submission is projected to affect application and enrollment behaviors
  • Which resources students, parents and counselors will turn to first for information about financial aid this year
  • What students and parents value most and what they report to be their top concerns

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"College Costs and Influence of FAFSA Changes on Student Behaviors"

How FAFSA Changes Influence Student Behavior