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Why You Should Focus on Students' End Goals at the Start

The traditional student advising appointment—a once-per-semester session where advisors sit down with a student ahead of their course registration—is a thing of the past.

We know that today’s tech-savvy students require greater access to information and data that will inform their course selections. Without this, they risk taking the wrong courses or too few credits required to complete their degree on time, contributing to the 39% six-year graduation rate at community and technical colleges nationwide.

This is where Navigate technology can help—the only student-facing platform that provides best-fit program selection, intuitive scheduling assistance and seamless one-click registration. Moreover, a direct-to-student multi-modal communication feature helps advising staff proactively course-correct students who get stuck or go off track.

Join our exclusive webinar on October 18, reserved for Vice Presidents, Presidents, and Provosts, to evaluate how well your team is tracking against peers in the following areas:

- Building academic pathways by focusing on students' end goals as the   starting point of the redesign process
- Providing students with the right data to confidently chose and enter a   program of study
- Empowering your team to keep students on track to completion with a   proactive technology solutions and a high-touch support framework

Students have individual needs. Fill out the form below to join us for a live demonstration to see how Navigate can address them.

Speaker Bio

Lindsey Klein

Lindsey Klein

Managing Director, Navigate

After serving at the firm for 10 years, Lindsey was brought over to EAB in 2015 to help spearhead new research around innovative student success and engagement strategies. Under her leadership, Navigate, has impacted over 150 community and technical colleges by helping to keep students on track to completion.

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