Optimize your student communications strategy with 3 interactive tools for you and your broader team

While 85% of millennial students own a smartphone and have a reputation for constant connectivity, 54% of students admit that they don't always read emails from their university or academic departments.

This selectivity can be detrimental to students' ability to address the secondary challenges that stand in the way of completion—including registering for courses and maintaining financial aid. 

In our latest expert toolkit, you will 
identify the most common mistakes institutions are making in communicating to their students, and access these three tools to correct them: 

  • A step-by-step guide to visually process map the total number of student communications you and your colleagues send students
  • Discussion questions and implementation strategies to help your team better coordinate communications  to reduce student inbox noise
  • A student communications audit to reduce email jargon, remove passive voice, and assess overall message effectiveness

Access the tools above, in addition to an out-of-industry analysis on top performing emails, subject lines, and calls to action to help students stay on track


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"Optimizing your student communications strategy"

The 10 most common student communication mistakes—and 3 tools to fix them