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In order to maximize student engagement and persistence, you need to empower students with the information that will keep them on a path toward graduation. Instead of relying on resource-strapped advisors or tools that are inert and passive, institutions need a breakthrough solution with a progressive, student-centric approach.
Guide simplifies otherwise complicated processes and empowers students to achieve success using a personalized, intuitive interface.  Fill out the form to speak with an expert and learn how our mobile-first platform equips you with the following:

  • Student-centered platform that enables students to set goals and solve problems on their own through automated interventions
  • Robust administrator interface that allows you to configure and target student communications and analyze student response data
  • Dedicated consultant team who will work with you to get Guide’s platform up and running while identifying gaps in current student support 
  • Collaborative network of the nation’s most progressive colleges and universities

Personalized guidance that fits in your students’ pockets
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