Behind the scenes of EAB's student mental model

What is the mindset of today’s college student? What separates a successful student from one who drops out? How does the psychology of a student change over time?  These are the questions EAB’s user experience (UX) researchers set out to answer.

By watching, listening, and learning from hundreds of students, our UX researchers developed a deep understanding of common student perspectives and stumbling blocks. This ‘mental modeling’ initiative revealed how students behave when their lives are balanced and unbalanced within three ‘spheres of engagement.’ Armed with this insight, EAB spent years developing a mobile-first technology, Guide, that responds to the student mindset, providing resources, information and nudges to help students stay balanced and succeed.

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  • The three spheres of engagement in the student mental model
  • Four types of students who struggle to stay in balance
  • The evolution of the student mindset across the college lifecycle
  • What student success technology looks like when it’s built with the student at the center

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"A Field Guide to the Student Mental Model"

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