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Demographic data from the past decade shows significant changes in the racial and socioeconomic mix of American students. An increase in the proportion of low-income and minority students has put pressure on completion rates nationwide. It is clear that serving these students well will require new types of support services and cultural change. Our research shows that by embracing self-service technology, academic leaders can better arm their students with the resources they need to solve their own problems. 

Through proactive and personalized nudging, Guide demystifies college requirements and terminologies—particularly those that intimidate first-generation students—so that students can seamlessly accomplish tasks and reach milestones crucial for success. 

Register for our upcoming webconference to learn how Guide improves students’ chances of success with:

  • Student journeys that offer commonsense approaches to processes like financial aid and major selection 
  • Digital reminders that cultivate strong habits and goal-setting 
  • Automated messages that alert students of problems before they escalate 
  • Direct connections to campus resources and help when needed

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Thursday, May 26, 201611 a.m. - Noon ET

How technology can support at-risk student populations

A scalable approach to prepare for higher education's changing demographic