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Why maximizing your early alert system takes more than just faculty buy-in

68% of community and technical colleges have invested in an early alert system in an effort to better identify barriers to student success that contribute to high attrition and low completion rates.

Despite the substantial investment nationwide, many academic leaders express a common frustration that early alerts had slow-moving impact on first-year retention rates.

Many are quick to point the finger at low faculty participation rates as a principal reason the early alert isn’t working. Yet, leaders must recognize that faculty are only one piece of an expansive early alert ecosystem.

Join us on September 6 to learn how Navigate can help you maximize your investment in student success by taking early alerts one step further to:

- Help faculty and advisors easily identify behavioral student risk indicators
- Ensure that early alerts are met with effective follow-up plans to keep   students on track
- Provide a clear picture of all input sources to illuminate potential   improvements to your early alert ecosystem

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Speaker Bio

Lindsey Klein

Lindsey Klein

Managing Director, Navigate

After serving at the firm for 10 years, Lindsey was brought over to EAB in 2015 to help spearhead new research around innovative student success and engagement strategies. Under her leadership, Navigate, has impacted over 150 community and technical colleges by helping to keep students on track to completion.

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