The election of Donald Trump as our 45th President sent shockwaves throughout the higher education community nationwide, with mixed reactions of surprise, fear, and genuine interest in what the administration's stance on higher education policy might be for the next four years. 

This appointment, along with the GOP’s majority in Congress, should break the six-year cycle of policy paralysis in Washington, significantly increasing the probability of new legislation being enacted.

But where does the President-elect stand on the top education concerns expressed by enrollment leaders?

  • Rising student loan debt
  • Increased price sensitivity among parents and prospective students
  • Fewer college-ready applicants year after year

In this recorded presentation, Jim Day, Vice President and Managing Director of Hardwick Day, and Barmak Nassirian, Director of Federal Relations and Policy Analysis at AASCU, will walk you through the potential impact of policy changes on your campus.

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"From the Oval Office to the Admissions Office"

From the Oval Office to the Admissions Office

How will President-elect Donald Trump's policies impact higher education?

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