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About This Webconference

Big data and analytics have long been touted as the answer to higher education’s challenges. But access to analytics, even robust and comprehensive analytics, is not enough. Institutions often struggle to translate analytics into insight, and insight into good decisions. Furthermore, establishing the right culture, processes, and expertise to fully leverage analytics can be a significant barrier. 

EAB's Student Success Collaborative–Campus is helping over 200 member institutions build student-centric universities that support, retain, and graduate today’s students by deploying a unique combination of analytics, tools for strategic intervention and coordinated student care, and change management support. 

Fill out the form to join this discussion focused on SSC–Campus’s analytics approach, which has helped members see retention and graduation increases of 4-11%. Our experts will share:

  • A framework for the four types of analytics within SSC–Campus, and the role each should play
  • An inside look at our process for delivering research-based and user-driven analytics
  • How we embed analytics into a comprehensive student support platform, and optimize your efforts through impact analytics and continuous learning
  • How we go beyond analytics to support interpretation, decision-making, and change management

Thursday, May 19, 20161 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Analytics to Power the Student-Centered Campus

How SSC–Campus’s unique approach to analytics drives results