Reshaping your student success strategy might mean looking outside of higher ed


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"Recruiting the Silent Funnel"

How thinking of your students as “patients” can improve retention 

Analytics can help retention efforts by highlighting hidden risk cases and predicting problems before they occur. Unfortunately, many schools have made big investments in analytics and predictive modeling without the staffing structure, incentives, and process support necessary to realize the full benefits of these new tools. To overcome the challenge of scaling care by leveraging available data, we turned to another industry that has done this successfully: health care.
Just as hospitals use analytics to maximize care efficiency, so can educational institutions use analytics and technology to maximize student success. In this report, our experts examine how this analytics-based approach, which health care providers call Population Health Management (PHM), can serve as a model for developing a high-ROI, campus-wide strategy for improving student success. 
You’ll learn what a PHM model for student success looks like, how to leverage existing assets and analytics, and the four challenges you must address to succeed. Complete the form at right to download your copy.

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"What Can Population Health Management Teach Us About Student Success?"