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Facing increased budget pressures and a growing at-risk student population, universities must learn how to scale their retention investments to reach more students and achieve better outcomes. Our research suggests that an emerging strategy from the health care industry could provide a model for scaling student support to do more with less. The risk-based segmentation  strategies central to population health management (PHM) success  can also be used to improve advisor efficiency and effectiveness —without spending more money. By first segmenting student populations into high or low-risk groups, institutions can then move low-risk students to a self-service advising model, freeing advisors to spend more quality time on high-risk cases.

Web and mobile technologies like Guide can help you scale basic student self-advisement. Through proactive and personalized nudging, Guide seamlessly supports students’ academic progress, financial health, and career preparation while resolving problems before they escalate. Register for our upcoming webconference to learn how Guide helps students help themselves with:

  • Commonsense approaches to processes like financial aid and major selection
  • In-app messaging that cultivates and reinforces positive habits
  • Automated reminders that alert students of problems immediately
  • Direct connections to campus resources and help when needed

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Wednesday, June 15, 201611 a.m. - Noon ET

A scalable approach to advising all students