A first look at preparing for higher education’s changing demographics 

Over the next decade, the rising proportion of minority high school graduates will change the makeup of universities’ student bodies.  This demographic trend will place pressure on institutions to do more to improve the performance gap between well-resourced and under-resourced students. How can your institution rise to meet this challenge without incurring spiraling costs?
Arming students with essential, personalized information can go a long way in empowering students to realize their full potential. Progressive schools have achieved promising results from making simple changes to the way they relay this information. Our research shows that by priming incoming students with messages that emphasize their ability to fit in and thrive, institutions can help students overcome the “resilience gap”—a phenomenon where disadvantaged students are vulnerable to doubting their abilities and thereby less likely to succeed.
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"Scaling Support for Tomorrow’s Students"

Scaling Support for Tomorrow’s Students