5 insights to help you support the 'Murky Middle'

First year retention is crucial to preventing attrition—but, after analyzing data from nearly 750K students, we found that over half of departures occur after the first year.

To identify these students, look to "the Murky Middle." The Murky Middle is made up of students who have a seemingly successful first-year GPA (between 2.0-3.0)—yet just over half of this group will graduate, and nearly one-third will drop out in the second year or later.

It is unrealistic for schools to ask already over-capacity advisors to meet with every Murky Middle student. Instead, they need reliable analytic indicators to narrow their search efforts to the most high-risk cases.

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"The Murky Middle Project"

Think a sophomore with a 3.0 GPA won't drop out? Think again.