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In recent years, the University of South Carolina has experienced impressive growth in both their total enrollment and average incoming student SAT scores. As the size and quality of their student body grows, retention and graduation rates are improving as well.

However, in order to continue improving results and ensure a consistently positive student experience, Stacey Bradley, Senior AVP for Student Affairs and Academic Support, recognized that academic advising needed to change. USC’s advising structure was fragmented, advisement was non-standardized, and training and resources were limited—as a result, student experiences were highly variable based on college, department, and individual advisor. 

USC joined the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) with the goal of coordinating advising and student services and improving overall student support.

Stacey Bradley will join EAB experts to share how USC:

  • Implemented and rolled out the SSC technology in less than 8 months
  • Established an advising taskforce and implemented recommendations with the help of SSC research and consulting
  • Used historical data from SSC’s Institution Reports to improve academic pathways and freshmen support
  • Connected advising and campus-wide student services  through a Coordinated Care Network enabled by widespread  usage of the SSC technology

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Thursday, June 151 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

How a high-performing university improved the student experience 

The University of South Carolina and the Student Success Collaborative