While 78% of teens admit to checking their devices hourly, a recent college freshmen survey revealed that 42% of students say they never click on ads and 43% say they rarely click on ads, making engaging college-bound students all the more difficult.

For colleges and universities, having a social strategy isn’t what counts anymore; the way it’s designed and implemented is what matters. Join our upcoming webinar, Results from the Field: Inside Our Enrollment Innovations Lab, to hear about:

  • Tactics to realize 90% improvements in display ad performance
  • The networks and techniques, including IP targeting, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Geoframing, that are worth your time and investment
  • The new programs we have in store for 2018, including new data-driven programs for yield, transfer, and parent engagement

Our webinar will share highlights from our research and testing agenda as well as provide a preview into our future testing plans.

Thursday, March 1, 20182:30-3:00 p.m. ET

Results from the Field: 

Inside Our Enrollment Innovations Lab

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