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How does your advising program stack up?

The higher education landscape is rapidly evolving and shifting student demographics will demand major innovations in academic advising in the coming years.

To meet these demands, advisors must move beyond the once-per-semester advising appointment—often designed around course registration—toward the vision of a true “student success office.”

Join student success experts, Lindsay Miars and Lindsey Klein, to explore how progressive community and technical college leaders are building best-in-class advising offices and encouraging their staff to fully embrace the habits of next-generation advisors.

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Lindsey Miars

Director, Strategic Research

Lindsay Miars is a director with EAB. As a member of the cohort services team for the Student Success Collaborative, Lindsay leads webconferences on student success topics and spearheads advisor training, connecting front-line advisors and staff with the innovative resources and skill development they need to better serve changing student populations. Lindsay’s current research explores the theory and practice of academic advising, including strategies for senior leadership to elevate the advising profession at their universities.

Lindsey Klein

Managing Director, EAB Navigate

After serving at the firm for 10 years, Lindsey leads EAB's community college and system strategy, as well as our industry partnerships. Under her leadership, our student success technology for community colleges, Navigate, has impacted over 200 community and technical college members by helping to keep students on track to completion.

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