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Best Practice Strategies for Winning Institutional Awards

There’s a flood of information available on what grant committees are looking for in their evaluation process. Do a quick Google search for how to improve grant applications and you'll soon discover there are many sources of "truth" when it comes to winning these awards—unfortunately, these varied sources also perpetuate common misconceptions that prevent grant teams from making true gains in their overall funding strategy.

On November 28, join Meacie Fairfax to debunk the top 7 myths around grant applications and learn from her experience in the field on best practices to win more institutional awards. She'll cover the following questions:

  •    How can you efficiently evaluate upcoming grant opportunities to
       determine whether it’s worth a submission?
  •    Should additional leadership teams be involved in grant
       development decisions?
  •    What is the best way to ensure there is a strong match between
       funders' priorities and your proposed project?

Speaker Bio

Lindsey Klein

Meacie Fairfax

Senior Analyst

Meacie Fairfax is a Senior Analyst at EAB, supporting the community college sector. She examines topics related to grant and performance funding, student success supports, equity and inclusion, and strategic communication. Ms. Fairfax holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master of arts degree from Emerson College.

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