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The most important thing you'll do for future students.

The majority of academic leaders agree that there is merit in building program maps to ensure that students complete the correct courses required for their major.

Most would also agree that the operational challenges in creating program maps and meta-majors are still quite real.

–What’s the best way to structure academic pathways from scratch?
–How should leaders identify the correct milestones required to keep   students on track?
–What are the common pitfalls of building pathways in liberal arts majors   as opposed to those seeking career and technical education?

In this presentation, our community college student success experts will teach step-by-step guidance on working with faculty senate and student services productively in order to create program maps and meta-majors with student outcomes at the center of their design.

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Speaker Bio

Will Nash

Magda Rolfes

Practice Manager

Magda works with higher education leaders overseeing research for the Community College Executive Forum. Her research focuses on employer partnerships, administrative effectiveness, resource and fiscal management, and promoting completion among all students.

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