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Evaluate, adjust, and improve your student support tactics

In 2017, guided pathways moved from a somewhat vague and debated theory to a full-blown movement in higher education.

While there may be variation in the way each college has interpreted their individual need for pathways reform, most have a clear strategy that they have started to execute on.

In 2018, armed with research from hundreds of colleges going down this path, EAB experts are here to challenge traditional thinking. In this recording, put your own pathways strategy to the test and learn 5 guided pathways actions you need to take to holistically improve student support in the New Year.

You’ll learn why you should:

   —  Think about guided pathways as a full student lifecycle movement
   —  Communicate with faculty on the valuable role they play in pathways         reform (and not just when you redo degree maps, but early and often)
   —  Keep your students at the center of everything you do
   —  Set key accountability goals and metrics to measure you guided         pathways progress and success
   —  Determine whether a student success technology solution will advance        your goals

Speaker Bio

Lindsey Klein

Lindsey Klein

Managing Director, Navigate

After serving at the firm for 10 years, Lindsey was brought over to EAB in 2015 to help spearhead new research around innovative student success and engagement strategies. Under her leadership, Navigate, has impacted over 150 community and technical colleges by helping to keep students on track to completion.

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